Braided polyester cords

Polyester ropes, depending on the diameter it is 8- , 16- , or 24 – braided. The ropes are very good UV- resistant and has relatively low elongation.


    • Shipping;
    • Industry;
    • Hoist rope;
    • Car pulling;
    • Construction;

Main properties:

specific weight — 1,38 g/ cm³ (sink in water);
melting temperature — 265 °C;
high tenacity polyester yarns;
very good UV-resistant;
low elongation;
strong rope;
Standard color — white (other color is on customer’s request).
Standard packing: flanged spools, paper spools, cartoon boxes, polyethylene –bags.

Advantages of braided polyester rope

High strength, low stretch, and low elongation. Polyester rope is one the most sought-after ropes for industries that require top-of-the-line lifting products. Braided ropes from polyester are a relatively low stretch but also are a durable and strong material. It is similar to Nylon. Because polyester isn’t stretchy it is usually chosen in situations and industries that require lifting heavy objects.

Good resistance to UV light, temperature, abrasion, and water. The rope from polyester maintains its strength then it’s wet. It also can withstand high temperatures. The polyester melting point is usually about 240 ° Celsius. It also has good UV shaft resistance and after use outdoors looses about 10 percent breaking strength. Polyester does not absorb water (like nylon) and it sinks because it is heavier than water. It has good resistance to abrasion and isn’t conductive to electricity.

Chemical resistance. Good chemical resistance is the reason why it is used in many different industries, shipping, and construction. At room temperature, polyester cords can effectively resist acids and alkalis. In higher temperatures, the resistance goes down. This material is also resistant to petroleum-based, bleaching and cleaning products. Users should avoid leaving polyester cords in salty water for a long period of time (beachfront) because it weakens the material.

Retains flexibility and shape with use. Nylon is more flexible than polyester, but it has weaknesses like losing shape with use, especially in contact with water. The low stretch and low elongation properties of polyester help it to retain shape and flexibility. The rope from polyester maintains its strength then it’s wet and can withstand high temperatures.

Why choose Duguva braided polyester cords?

In our factory we make the highest quality polyester cords in different variety of diameters and colors. Customers can choose diameters from 1 mm to 20 mm.

Ø, mmWeight, 100m/kgBreaking load, kg


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