Polyester ropes

About polyester ropes

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is made from melted polyethylene terephthalate and its derivatives. Polyester fibers can differ that can influence material creases, light and climate resistance, strength, abrasivity, and response to organic solvents. The products made from polyester are used on a universal basis. Polyester is also known as lavsan, terylene, dacron, and other trade names.

Main polyester properties are:

    • High heat resistance excels all-natural and synthetic fibers.
    • Withstands prolonged operation at elevated temperatures.
    • Abrasive and flexural resistance are lower than other synthetic fibers.
    • Impact resistance is higher than other synthetic fibers.
    • Low hygroscopicity.
    • Water does not impact polyester twines’ mechanical properties like strength, extensibility, or crumpling.
    • Low shrinkage and dries quickly.
    • High resistance to humid weather, bacteria, moths, mold, and other microorganisms.
    • Sinks in the water.

Where polyester fiber ropes can be used?

The polyester cords and twines can be used in a variety of home and business activities. Usually, twines are used in construction, agriculture, marine industries, fishing, logistics, transportation, tourism, sports, cargo operations, safety equipment, manufacturing furniture, interior and décor crafts, and other industries and activities.

What kind of polyester rope do we sell?

We produce two types of polyester fiber ropes: braided and twisted.
Braided polyester cords. Braided cords are tough products that are produced from high-quality materials. You can choose ropes in five different types of braiding – 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 that depend on the ropes diameters that can be from 2 mm to 20 mm. Rope comes in standard white color but if requested can be ordered in different colors.

The ropes are used in industries, shipping, hoist rope. The braided cords are heat resistant and can withstand 265 °C temperature. They have very good UV light resistance and low elongation.

They cannot be used in industries that are related to water and need floating properties because the material is much heavier than water and it sinks. But it is a very strong material that holds its strength, extensibility to humid weather, bacteria, mold, or water. It dries quickly and won’t shrink when put in water for long periods.

Twisted polyester fiber cords. Polyester twisted twines and cords are made from PES yarns. It is completely synthetic ropes. Twisted polyester twines are relatively heavy, not floatable, offer good abrasion resistance, are weatherproof and have low stretching. These ropes are handy, knot easily, don’t harden with time, and are very immune to the weather and saltwater. They have very good UV light resistance and low elongation like braided cords.

These cords are especially popular in shipping, on ships, for towing, or hoisting. Twisted cords are as strong and have high resistance to any kind of pressure: shock loads, chemical and climatic influences, mechanical influences, and the actions of acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. It starts to melt at 260 °C temperature. They usually come in white color but if required can be ordered in other colors. Users can choose ropes diameter from very thin (1 mm) to thick (30 mm).

Why choose Duguva polyester ropes?

You can choose from high-quality twisted or braided ropes. Braided ropes come in three different braiding – 8, 16, or 24 and in six different diameters from 2 mm to 8 mm. Twisted ropes come from 4 mm to 30 mm diameter.

We stock standard white color ropes but if needed our customers can order any other possible color. We provide at the best possible prices a wide selection of rope diameters, in different packings and weights. Our clients can order products in a wide variety of sizes and meters of spools, boxes, or bags depending on one’s need.

Our products are made for easy maintenance and prepared for a long life of the product. It can be cleaned, washed, won’t shrink, and will be usable. If you need some advice or have questions about sizes, productions, or product delivery, we are happy to answer all of them.