Braided linen cords

8-strand, 16-strand or 24-strand cord is made from 100% flax (linen) fibers. Linen fibre is environmentally friendly and biodegradable material, are naturally soft and has a satiny sheen. These cords are strong and flexible. Elongation at breaking load: approx 15%.


  • for decorative purposes for the manufacture of various products;
  • design element in the decoration of furniture;

Main properties:

  • sink in water;
  • fire point – 205°C;
  • good abrasion resistance;
  • resistance to sunlight;
  • doesn’t accumulate static electricity;
  • looses its strength when wet;
  • good UV-resistance;
Ø, mmStandard length of cords
From 1,5 mm to 22 mm 50 m, 100 m, 150 m, 200 m

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