Polypropylene ropes

What are polypropylene ropes?

Polypropylene rope is man-made synthetic polymeric materials that have advantages over natural materials – water resistance and the ability to resist mold. These ropes usually are white but can be made in a variety of colors.

Where polypropylene material ropes can be applied?

Because of their unique qualities, polypropylene cords can be used in industries that are in contact with massive amounts to water. Polypropylene floats and has a resistance of water and mold, for that reason, it is desirable material in aqua industries. Industries that use polypropylene material ropes:

    • Marine and Fisheries;
    • Construction and Engineering;
    • Logistics and Distribution;
    • Military;
    • Leisure and Sport;
    • Agriculture.

Advantages of ropes made from polypropylene

Among the unique polypropylene material advantages are:

High strength and durability. Polypropylene fibers withstand tear forces well for many years and are very hard-wearing. Because of its strength, it won’t splinter during use.

Resistance to chemical reagents, water, and mold. Natural ropes are not resistant to various chemical reagents, cannot withstand climate and mold. That is why synthetic polypropylene material cords are irreplaceable in various industries and perfect to use outdoors. Polypropylene is rot-proof and immune to the effects of water. In a severely damp environment polypropylene remain its strength and integrity for long periods of time.

Floats on water (lightweight). Polypropylene material is lighter than water, as a result, it floats on a surface and does not change shape in wet environments. Ropes are widely used in sailing, fishing, pools. Also, ropes have a smooth finish that does not splinter.

Versatile. Polypropylene cords come in a broad spectrum of diameters. From small, 4 mm diameter to 30 mm diameter. The different diameter determines the usability of cord, the strength and load capacity of it. Ropes can be adapted to a variety of home and business-based applications depending on the need.

Affordability. The most important factor why polypropylene material ropes are so popular is because of their cheapness.