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  • Polyester 24-strand braided cords with UHMWPE core

    24-strand cord is made from 100% high tenacity polyester with UHMWPE core. The cords have good resistance to climate conditions, as well as excellent UV-resistance. UHMWPE – a highly oriented polyethylene fibers, which have a unique combination of properties. The density is little bit less than one, so the fiber floats in water. But the tenacity of the fibers is the highest in the world and up to 15 times more that of a good quality steel.   These cords has a unique combination of high breaking load, elasticity, watertightness and minimal weight. Strong fibers can be used to make twines, ropes and other special products of high breaking load. All the above mentioned allows to use these cords in the fishery, construction, for yachting and ship еquipment and other purposes.