About Us

JSC “DUGUVA” was founded in 1998. Now it is a modern dynamic company with many years extensive experience in the use of western europenian equipment and applying modern technologies. High quality products are well known and appreciated not only in Lithuania but also abroad. The producs was being exported to Denmark, Germany, UK, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Finland and other countries.

Our products can be used in shipping and building industry, in fishery, for agriculture and gardening, in heavy and light industry, for transport, sports and tourism equipment as well as for the variety of household purposes. JSC “DUGUVA” has the certificate allowing the manufacture of rope and cord used in the meat industry. We use the modern machines and equipment from leading companies. JSC “DUGUVA” is involved into cooperation with the well-known European raw material suppliers that provides the high quality of produced goods at our plant in Rokiskis, Lithuania.

All products can be used in standard or special applications.

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